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Ashley Tisdale looks hot in her bikini.

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Jeanne Tripplehorn gets cheeky and boob-tastic.

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Allison teases her side butt and and bra-clad hotness.

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Olivia is fully nude and completely lethal!

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4 Easy Ways to Spice Up Things in the Bedroom


It is safe to say that you are seeing someone appears to be as though it is stalled in the room? Assuming this is the case, your first thought may be to end the relationship. Anyhow, imagine a scenario where your relationship is long haul. Imagine a scenario where you are hitched. Consider the possibility that you truly do love your accomplice. What steps would it be a good idea for you to take then?

Regarding the matter of being miserable in the room, it is paramount to realize that completion a marriage or a relationship ought to just be utilized as a last approach. Rather, you will need to make moves to flavor things up. Doing so may enhance more than simply your closeness, yet it may do ponders for your relationship all in all.

As decent as it is to hear that you can and ought to flavor things up and in the room, you may be unsure in the matter of how you ought to move ahead. On the off chance that that is the situation, please keep perusing on. Underneath, four simple ways that you can flavor things up in the room, are secured.

1 – Engage in Foreplay

When you do have intercourse, what happens? Do you and your accomplice get directly down to business? In the event that you do, that may be a colossal issue. Sadly, numerous couples don't understand that closeness is more than pretty much engaging in sexual relations. It is additionally about having a glad and sound relationship. In the event that you depend on sex to make your relationship succeed, there is a decent risk that it will really fizzle.

On the off chance that you and your accomplice don't as of now participate in foreplay, begin doing so. Additionally, recollect that foreplay doesn't need to begin in the room. Call your darling, send an instant message, or a manually written note communicating your cravings to get personal with them later on.

2 – Be Spontaneous

When you need to have intercourse, what do you do? On the off chance that you really take the time to inquire as to whether they need to be close with you, you may be accomplishing more mischief than great. Asking first can make being cozy appear to be more like a task than something that ought to bring you joy. Whenever that you need to move to the room, don't ask first. Simply lead your accomplice there. Actually, who needs a room?

Realize that being spontaneous is about more than not discussing sex first. Ways that you can be spontaneous with your accomplice is to engage in sexual relations at an alternate time, date, or spot.

3 – Talk About Your Fantasies

One of the main motivations why couples have issues with sex is on account of one individual isn't having their longings satisfied. In the event that that is the situation with you? Does your accomplice know what you like or what you need to escape from being close? If not, the time it now, time for you to tell them.

Make sure to converse with your accomplice about your sexual dreams and longings. What might you want to attempt in the room? Notwithstanding communicating your needs, needs, and darkest dreams, make certain to let your accomplice do likewise. Keep in mind that both of you ought to leave a personal experience satisfied.



4 – Experiment in the Bedroom

Another of the simple ways that you can flavor up things in the room is by testing. While doing along these lines, you may be satisfied with the majority of your alternatives. First off, you can attempt another sex position. This may prompt additional joy, as well as fun and fervor. Sex toys, sentimental or explicit features, and pretending are other great thoughts for testing in the room.

Keep in mind that testing in the room is a decent approach to flavor up your closeness, however make certain to utilize your best judgment. It might be an astute choice to first examine rolling out improvements with your accomplice, as you won't have any desire to make him or her feel uncomfortable.

So there you have it! You know have a couple of thoughts on how you can go about spicing up things in the room. So what are you sitting tight for?

5 Sex Secrets Women Wish You Knew

5 Sex Secrets Women Wish You Knew

(But Will Never Tell You)

There are many men out there who don’t care much about a woman’s pleasure – or how she feels or what she’s thinking – during sex.


Since you’re taking the time to read this special report, you are probably not one of those men. And, that’s a good start…


You’re already a step ahead of most men because you’re at least interested in learning more, and maybe becoming better.


When men think about “sex secrets,” they tend to focus mainly on techniques. They are always trying to learn some new trick or maneuver that will make a woman have wild, screaming orgasms in bed…every single time.


And, while that’s all fine and good, it’s not new “techniques” or tricks that women wish you were focusing on.


Women think very differently from men. (Big surprise there, eh? ;-)

Smiling woman isolated on white background

And, it’s what she’s thinking about – during sex  – that you should be most concerned about.


Of course, the average woman would never tell her (male) lover what she’s thinking about…let alone what she wishes you knew or did, during sex.


So, I’m going to help you out by revealing her five “secret thoughts and wishes” about sex, that she would like you to know about…but will never tell you…



For starters, think about your first time…whether it was the very first time you had sex, or your first time with somebody new.


Were you nervous? Anxious? Worried about your skills or “moves?” Concerned about how you looked or if you’d “measure up”…?


Well… that’s how most women are… a lot of the time. Especially if it’s her first time with you.


Obviously, there is a small percentage of women out there, who are completely confident, secure, and comfortable with themselves, their bodies, and their sexuality.


However, most women are not that way at all… especially not if it’s their first time with that particular guy.

So, if you’d like to get her to enjoy incredible orgasms in bed with you, and maybe even have her consider you to be one of her best ever, you’d be wise to stop worrying about learning new “techniques”…


… and start focusing on how to make her feel comfortable, and how to relax her body and mind… so that she can stop thinking and worrying about the million things wrong with her, and focus on all the pleasure that she’s enjoying with you.


Let’s start with what she tends to focus on first…

Even Models Are Insecure

No matter how “hot,” sexy, beautiful or “perfect” that you (and the rest of the world) may think she is, almost every woman – even the supermodels – are insecure (or at least self-conscious) about something or some part of their body.


I have met women who had amazingly flawless bodies… as good or better than supermodels. And while the rest of the world viewed them as goddesses and angels, these women felt self-conscious or even insecure about the silliest of things.


For example, one of them felt self-conscious because she felt that her left ear was slightly lower than her right one. Another felt that her pinky finger wasn’t perfectly straight and was often caught trying to hide it whenever she was out in public. And, so on…


The important thing for you to realize is, no matter how “perfect” you may think she looks, she is very likely insecure – or at least self-conscious – about some part of her body.


And, if you are lucky enough to have her willingly get naked in front of, you might as well make her feel good about doing it…and get her endlessly-criticizing mind to “shut up” so she can enjoy the experience.


There are lots of ways that you can get her to stop being so self-conscious. However, the simplest one is to just tell her otherwise.


One of the most powerful things you can say to her, when she’s naked is…


Wow… you look… amazing…


Wow… you are… so beautiful…
The pauses “…” are important.

Jaime Bergman Nude

It’s also important how you say the above phrases. You wouldn’t want to come across as someone who has never seen a naked woman before. And, you definitely wouldn’t want to sound fake.


Also… don’t wait for (nor expect) her to respond to your positive comment by saying anything.


If she says “thank you” or just smiles, that’s great. But, don’t wait for it. Awkward silences are not good here.


After you tell her how amazing she looks, smile if she’s already looking at you, and then kiss her – either on the lips or on her body. Or simply continue doing what you were going to do anyway. Keep things moving.


Obviously, this stuff is even more important if the woman does not have a supermodel’s body. (And, most women won’t.)


Women tend to be self-conscious, especially when they’re naked, because they don’t realize that most guys are just glad that they got naked for you, and are willing to have sex with you.


So, you need to let it be known, or remind her, that she is the most important – and the most beautiful – woman on the planet right now… and that all of your focus and attention is on her.

“Do I Look, Feel, Smell, and Taste Okay?”

Even if they have showered, shaved, waxed, moisturized, deodorized and done every other -ized, many women will still start wondering and worrying – right in the middle of having sex -about whether they shaved thoroughly or if they have dry skin, or something else…


And once again, her worrying and endless mind chatter will usually suck all the pleasure out of her experience with you. (Not in a good way.)


The simple fix for that is to show her that you don’t care about any of that… and touch her, kiss her, enjoy her completely.


It may even help to prepare ahead of time by reminding yourself to not flinch or stop suddenly, i.e. not get caught off guard and broadcast your surprise…if you do happen to notice that she missed a spot or discover a birthmark, scar, or whatever.


Otherwise, it will only make her feel self-conscious…even if it’s something completely insignificant (and all of it is)…and ruin the experience for both of you.


And, very soon after any of the above happens, give lots of attention to a part of her body that she feels good about…and get her mind back on track.

You can even slip in certain phrases here, like… “You are turning me on sooo much…



And, of course… if you don’t already know, most women are very self-conscious about how they look, smell and taste down there.


So, while you’re setting up camp between her legs, you can once again slip in a few reassuring phrases like…  “You smell soo good…” …or… “You taste soooo good…” …or even…. “I am soo turned on right now…


Don’t pause to get up and look at her when you say these things. Just take a quick second and do it while you’re pleasuring her (without mumbling much.)


“What If He Doesn’t Think I’m Any Good?”

After you’ve made her feel comfortable and sexy about her body, her mind can then start wondering about whether you’re enjoying what she’s doing to – and for – you.


Yes, it’s true.


And yes, even women who are experienced in the bedroom can occasionally become self-conscious about whether or not you’re enjoying her, and what she’s doing to/for you.


Obviously, the way to fix that problem is – once again – to just tell her how much you’re enjoying it.


And, it helps a lot if you’re specific about what exactly it is that she’s doing.


So, if you like the way she does something, it’s always more believable if you tell her specifically what it is that you enjoy about it.


Example: I love the way you run your fingertips on my thigh.


This will make her feel more confident about what she’s doing… and it will ensure that she does it for you again… and probably more often, in the future.


Of course, pleasurable (preferably genuine) moans and sighs at the right moments help a lot too, to let her know that you’re enjoying what she’s doing.


How Naughty Can We Get?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Building on the previous section, making her feel comfortable and more confident about what she’s doing can even help her to do more – and new - things for you. (That can be very good for you.)


The truth is, many women want to feel completely uninhibited in bed. They want to go a little wild, and they want to occasionally take control. They want to take charge and try out a new position that they’ve just read about, and so on.


Unfortunately, most times she’s either too shy, self-conscious, or embarrassed to do it… or she simply doesn’t want to come across as “too experienced,” promiscuous, or dog forbid, even slutty. (You can thank society for that one.)


It could even be something as simple as “talking dirty” to and with you. But, she may never bring it up herself – even if she’s secretly fantasizing about doing it.


The way to loosen her up is to increase her overall comfort level.


Remember, she has to feel comfortable, relaxed, even lusted after, before she will open up and start doing all the things that she really wants to do with you… including all the things that you really want her to do for you.


You can start by making her feel comfortable, safe, and more confident about what she’s already doing to/with you…as explained in the earlier section.


And, keep letting her know how great she looks… how much her scent/smell, taste, body, moans, etc. is turning you on…


Finally, pay attention.


She may hint at something, accidently lead you towards it (before realizing, catching herself, and then backing off – out of shyness/embarrassment), or she may even say/whisper something in the heat of passion.


If/when she does, give her what she wants right away…show her how happy and excited you are that she offered/suggested it. The more you do this, the more you encourage and cheer her on by showing your excitement and arousal, the more comfortable and confident she will feel about doing that… and about doing more.



Another way to get her to open up and do more is to bring up / talk about some of her best moves, soon after you’ve had sex with her.

Tell her how much you enjoyed those specific things, and how much of a turn-on it is for you when she takes control (or at least, takes the initiative) and does things or makes suggestions.


All of the above will continue to make her feel more comfortable, confident, and even help her feel closer to – and more relaxed with – you.


And all of that will make her do more for you, do it more often, and even introduce new things for both of you to experience and enjoy.


Important: Be careful about bringing up specific things that you’d like her to do for you, or participate in…especially if its your first time together.


Also… never try to persuade, pressure, force, or guilt her into doing something for/with you that she may not be ready to do just yet (or ever.) That would only backfire on you, and it would also ruin any chances of your having sex with her again.


There are ways to get her to do just about anything you’d like – and have her enjoy it immensely – without pressuring or forcing her. But, that’s slightly more advanced stuff. If you’re interested in learning how, you can get the report… How to Turn a Good Girl “Bad”




Where Do You Fit In…


Most of us can’t fully appreciate and enjoy anything in life unless we compare and contrast it with our past experiences.


Sex is no different.


Men usually compare their new lovers to their past ones after they’ve had sex.


But, women tend to do the comparison while they’re having sex with you. (As I mentioned earlier, women think differently than men.)


Yes, that means she is going to compare you to her past lovers – and especially to her ex.


The most important thing for you to understand is… she’s not with her past lovers or boyfriends right now – for good reason. She is with you.


So, don’t go ruining your time with her by becoming jealous, upset or self-conscious.


Besides, she can’t help doing this. The fact that she’s comparing you to her ex’s is not anything personal against you. Most women do it simply because they’re wired that way. That’s all.


So, don’t worry about any of that. And, definitely don’t take it personally. It’s really not about you.

The best thing you can do is to use the rest of the tips and advice in this report, to give her (and yourself) a pleasure-filled experience.


Do that and she may very well rank you at the top of her “comparison” list, which will also result in her enjoying many repeat performances with you.



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5 Red-Hot Sex Tips From Real Women


5 Red-Hot Sex Tips From Real Women


This publication may contain explicit adult content not suitable for

anyone who is under the legal age limit.

5redhot Perhaps the biggest secret – the open secret – is that men and women are very different, especially when it comes to what they find "hot" or a "turn on"…both in and out of the bedroom.

When men think about doing something "hot" for a woman, it usually involves some form of maneuver to be executed between her legs.

But, that's not where she wants you to be. Not yet anyway. There's a lot of work to be done, – elsewhere on her body, that can get her more ready than immediately poking and prodding between her legs.

You may have gotten her naked. (If you haven't yet, perhaps one of our 'seduction secrets' reports may be of use to you.) She may even be able to see the desire and excitement in your eyes.

And yet, that is not enough to get her to let go fully, so she can really enjoy herself the way she would like to.

But, not to worry. With the tips and secrets revealed below, straight from real women who are eager to "help you to help her," you will be able to give her amazing pleasure…and stand apart, from the rest of the men from her past.

Let these women show you exactly where most men go wrong, and what they most often ignore…so that you can really get her "red hot" and ready to explode with ecstasy…

Finger-Lickin' Good

Stacy, 28, admits that her fingers (not yours) can get her incredibly wet. But, not in the way you're thinking…

"Men always ignore a woman's fingers," she says. If she's lucky, a guy will stroke or caress her upper arms for a little bit, and then quickly move on.

Yet, almost no one, except for an older gentleman she briefly dated, ever looked at her fingers…let alone kissed them.

Just like Stacy, most women complain about how often their fingers get ignored.

"Sometimes, when I would be driving and my ex-lover was sitting in the passenger's seat, he would take my hand and start to gently kiss of my fingers.

It would send shivers through my body. And, I would find myself getting wet very easily. We even had to pull over once, so he could finish the job."

Here's how it's done…

The next time you're about to have sex with her, take her hand in yours. And start to kiss the backs of her fingers, with slow, soft, kisses.

Keep it dry, you don't want much (or any) saliva at this point. Open your lips slightly and gently run them across her index finger, as if you were licking an envelope – but without using any tongue.

Give her knuckles some attention too. And especially attend to the webbed areas where her fingers meet each other. You can use a little bit of tongue here, just to get into the grooves.

Then turn her hand around. And kiss the fronts of her fingers as well as her palm. Don't rush any of this. Take your time with it.

You could even gently bite the fleshy part of her palm, just below her thumb.

Then, kiss her wrist using quick, short pecks. Then, kiss once more as you gently push down with the tip of your tongue.

If she's like most women, she will start to get very wet down there. And, her breathing will get heavy, to match.

From here, you can continue to move up her arm. Kiss all of her.

You can even bite the area where her lower arm joins the upper arm. (The area exactly opposite to her elbow.)

But, again, be gentle. And, don't leave marks.

Be a Vampire… Please

Long before the teenage vampire silliness came to be, women craved attention to another sensitive and sensual area of their body…

This next highly-ignored area, according to many women, is the neck, of course.

"A guy could get me soaking wet just from kissing my neck," says Jenny, 36. "But, they rarely spend more than 5 seconds there. It's not that hard to get this, is it?"

Yes, a woman's neck is more of a hotspot than most of us realize. And, most of us pass by it quickly, somewhere along the way when we're moving from her upper lips to her lower ones.

Vampire scenes from movies and books aside, the neck is seen as a very vulnerable area and often protected, or at least covered up by something.

And as such, it becomes a very sensual and highly-sensitive area to explore.

"If a guy were to approach me from behind and start kissing my neck, I swear I would melt in 2 seconds flat," says Shawna, 24.

Here's how it's done…

Start by kissing her lips – but no tongue yet. And no saliva yet, either. Just wet your lips enough so it's not dry.

Without going too crazy with the lip-kissing, slowly move to her neck using this maneuver: gently but firmly grab her hair from behind, and use it to gently tilt her head back so her neck is exposed. (The hair-grabbing and neck-exposing move may already get her aroused.)

Then, go in for the first bite, or taste, rather. Without using your teeth.

Start kissing all over her neck, front as well as both sides. But, move around slowly and gently. Cover her entire neck with kisses, and a few licks and nibbles here and there.

You can even let your nose and cheeks brush across her neck area as you kiss and nibble.

Don't get too crazy (read: too rough) right away. Let her tell or signal you. Most working women don't want their necks to be marked up at all. So, be gentle…unless she tells you to bite harder.

Giving attention to a woman's neck is more about being sensual than being erotic. And for this very reason, this often-ignored (or quickly passed) area can create some serious heat for her – in all the right areas.

Of course, you can try Shawna's favorite move by going behind her now, and doing another "grab hair, tilt neck" move and play the vampire for a moment.

You can also take her hair up and kiss the back of her neck, and even blow on the area immediately after kissing it. The warm air from your mouth hitting the slightly wet area on her neck (left by your kisses) will send the right kind of shivers down her spine.

You can even take things up another notch by whispering into her ear… with a little dirty talk…and telling her what you're going to do to her later.

And, if that's too much for you to handle right now, don't force yourself into doing it or it could backfire. Instead, just whisper into her ear and let her know how great she smells, how much she turns you on, how beautiful she looks, etc.

Be Gentle and Rough… But Gentle

As touched on in the previous section, gently but firmly grabbing her hair can get her going even before you do anything else.

Why? Because, women have an innate desire – and a strong response – to being "taken" by a strong, confident man.

It may go back to the cavemen days, we don't know. What we do know, according to women themselves, is that they like a man to make her feel weak – in the bedroom – especially if she is stronger or bigger than you (physically or even social status wise.)

The popular words and phrases such as "take me," "ravish me," and "sweep me off my feet" are all signs pointing to her wanting to feel like, well, a woman… while the man takes control.

It goes without saying that being rough has nothing to do with hurting her physically in any way.

However, being a little rough with her (without hurting her or causing serious pain) is a turn on for most women.

Just be sure to turn her on in other ways first. Her threshold for pain can increase when she is aroused (and even fast and hard penetration can occasionally be a turn on if she's already aroused.)

You already know about the gentle but firm hair-pulling.

There are lots of other ways to do it… besides the usual spanking and biting…

If you already know that you can lift her up easily, you could grab her while you're kissing her and guide her to wrap her legs around your waist. Then, walk up to the couch or bed where you will continue.

Or, you could even stay in the "her legs wrapped around you" and lean her against an empty (and safe/smooth) wall as you continue kissing and fondling.

From a sitting position, pushing her down (slowly) towards the bed, with your forearm across her chest as you kiss her on the lips can be a huge turn on.

If she's laying on her back, you can grab her legs, just below (and under) her knees and pull her towards you before you enter her.

A great way to bring this about is to switch between being a little rough/aggressive and then being sensitive and gentle. Switching around in this way will also keep her on her toes, and she won't expect what's coming next (which is usually a good – and rare – thing for women, during sex.)

Become an Ass Man

Women love it when you give her butt some attention, including women who don't particularly think their butts are sexy.

But, again, it's not the kind of attention you may be thinking of.

Grabbing her but during intercourse can be a turn on for many women. But, you can give her butt some attention even before you get to the penetration stage.

Have her lay on her tummy, and start to kiss the back of her neck. Then, slowly move your kisses down her spine till you get to her butt.

You can bite and nibble on her ass gently. Rub/massage it, and even spank it just a little. (She may or may not be into spanking, so do very little of that at this point.)

If she's on top of you, you can grab each of her butt cheeks with each of your hands – and pull them apart, while she straddles you.

You can even give her butt some attention out of bed. Grab it or slap it playfully – but only when no one can see you do it. (Done secretly, it can be a turn on. But done in public and you may just embarrass her or make her feel self-conscious.)

If you do happen to be in public, you could brush your palm against the side of her outer thigh, and give her the look that tells her you would much rather be grabbing her ass.

Happy Feet

If you've watched Pulp Fiction, you may already have an idea of just how serious (and sensuous) a woman's feet can be.

A woman also carries a lot of tension and stress in her feet, especially if she has to stand all day or walk in heels.

So, give it lots of attention.

"A guy can easily get into my pants if he knows how to touch my feet," says Rekha, 24

As you work your way down her body, from her face and lips, don't set up camp between her legs.

Surprise her, and give that area just a little attention, then keep moving lower.

Kiss and lick her inner thighs, and especially the back of her knees. Gently bite her calf muscles, as well as her Achilles tendon.

Then, give her feet a nice massage (one at a time, obviously.)

Start with an overall massage. Then squeeze her toes together – gently. Massage her Achilles tendon area and her heel.

Dig / push in and slide your thumb prints across the sole of her foot, as if you're squeezing a tube of toothpaste. Just be careful not to grab the top of her feet too hard with the rest of your fingers.

The right kind of attention given to her feet can turn a woman on very much

But, don't just give her feet attention during foreplay and/or prior to having sex.

You can make her very happy by doing this outside of the bedroom too, especially if you don't appear to be doing it just to get her to drop her pants.

And, if you don't get to enjoy some hot sex immediately after you give her a surprise foot massage while you're sitting on the couch, you can be sure that she will pay you back in some delightful way the next time that you do have sex.

That, young padowan, is the final lesson of the day… turn her on even when she's out of bed, and she will reward you in yummy and juicy ways, for giving her pleasure when you didn't really have to.




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